Opiate addiction is an epidemic.  Even the strongest among us still experience withdrawals, cravings, and hopelessness that can become pervasive in our lives. Luckily, medication-assisted rehabilitation is available and can lessen the withdrawals.

What do we do?

We are a dedicated team of professionals who are well trained in the field of helping people cope with addiction issues. We have studied addiction and have walked side by side with many of our successful clients as they overcome addiction.

Individualized treatment plan

What truly sets us apart is our detailed, individualized treatment plans. By seeking to first understand our patients, and then seamlessly fit into their lives, we create the best outcomes.  Our treatment team is available to provide both suboxone and personal support you or your loved one overcomes addiction.

Don’t just take our word

“This place has been a huge reason why I have stayed clean. Kept a job. Been staying on the right path. My Dr. Physician Henke!!! He’s so awesome and makes me feel like a normal person. I got in super fast and have been coming here for months with no problems ever. They are seriously the best in Spokane. Take it from me if you’re looking for help out, call them.“

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