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“This place has been a huge reason why I have stayed clean. Kept a job. Been staying on the right path. My Dr. Physician Henke!!! He’s so awesome and makes me feel like a normal person. I got in super fast and have been coming here for months with no problems ever. They are seriously the best in Spokane. Take it from me if you’re looking for help out, call them. “

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Hugh Thomas, MSN, Director

Hugh Thomas’s passion for helping people began in childhood, as being taught by his mother being a labor and delivery nurse and his father a radiologist.  But what really sets him apart is his insatiable appetite for learning. Hugh holds not only a MSN in Nursing Science with a concentration in Family Medicine, he also holds degrees in B.S. in Technology, concentration in aviation. It is his drive to use the latest science and technology to help patients that started New Start Clinics.
But, you can’t really understand New Start Clinics without going all the way back to Hugh’s roots, picking strawberries in the fields with his siblings to help support the family. It was this fundamental hard work mantra that shaped New Start Clinics patient-first approach. In his early years he saw how savvy doctors would use every possible opportunity to turn a profit with extra lab work and unnecessary follow-ups, and it made him sick. The very nature of addiction strips people of their money, so he knew to truly help people he needed to minimize cost and get to the root of problems as fast as possible. Now eight locations later, Hugh is still taking the time to personally see patients and set the tone for his team.
Hugh Thomas

Eric Haeger, MD, Medical Director

Dr. Eric Haeger is a physician and Medical Director of New Start Clinics. He obtained his BS in Biology at College Place, WA. He graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine, Loma Linda, CA with an MD. He completed his residency in Family Medicine at Highland Hospital in Rochester, NY. Dr. Haeger is also the Medical Director of Central Washington Sleep Diagnostic Center, where he is Board Certified in Family Medicine and Sleep Medicine.  In his spare time, Dr. Haeger enjoys water skiing, mountain biking, playing ice hockey and spending time with his family.

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