You are doing it right now by reading this! You know your family member or friend has an addiction, and you are trying to discover the best ways possible to help them. Educating yourself on addiction is a great way to support a loved one. You won’t know exactly what they’re going through, but you’ll learn how to help them avoid triggers and find resources.

Be involved in their recovery.
If your loved one is going through Medication-Assisted Treatment, you may be asked to be involved with the recovery process. Even if you’re busy, make time to be involved. Having a support network is essential to the whole-patient approach. With the medication, their doctors, counseling and family support, they can find the path to success. Their doctor will likely give you other ways to help and be involved.

Lend an ear.
A big part of your role in their recovery may be to listen to them about what they’re feeling or what they’re going through. It may be to provide a hug when they’re down, or reminding them they’re loved. The road to recovery is hard and never stops. They will fight this the rest of their life, and knowing they have supportive people around will help.

Every situation is different, every treatment plan is different, and every person may need something different. Don’t hesitate to ask your loved one what they need.

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