Addiction can often make people feel isolated or ashamed, so when someone is going through treatment it may be hard for them to ask for help. With Medication-Assisted Treatment, the whole patient is supported, which is why the doctor will involve loved ones, primary care doctors, and counselors.

Support from loved ones is essential to the recovery process. Recovery isn’t an easy process. It takes time and the journey is forever. That’s why loved ones should be involved. They help the patient remember they are loved, and they want to see them succeed.

Ask for help. Support doesn’t always have to be family. Sometimes that may be too challenging due to distance. A patient may choose to ask for help from friends, neighbors, or people that care about them. Support can look like being available for a phone call, a walk, or lunch. Support could be a listening ear, sitting with them so they don’t make a bad decision and regress, or helping them stick to their doctor’s treatment plan.

Support can help a patient remember their why. When they have moments of doubt or despair, a friend or loved one can be a reminder of why they’re working so hard to get past their addiction.

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