For those of you who are seeking treatment for your family members or yourselves, one thing to consider is the human connection. Patients are the most successful when they have a support system — doctors, family, friends, and counselors — to help them follow their unique treatment plan, and help them when they experience a setback.

Medication-Assisted Treatment isn’t just about the medication at New Start Clinics.
In fact, medication is just one component of our “whole patient” approach. We’re not just going to give you medication and walk away. At New Start Clinics, relationships are part of what makes a patient successful. A whole patient approach addresses the chemical, physical and emotional sides of treatment.

Every recovery is different, so every recovery requires a unique plan.
New Start Clinics will work with our team to determine the best treatment for the patient. Our offices are safe and welcoming, and you will leave feeling supported and empowered to make change in your life. You will have an individualized treatment plan that works for you. We take the time to learn who our patients are, so we are able to make a treatment plan that fits their schedule and busy lives.

Our holistic approach involves collaborating with the patient’s primary care provider, counselors, family and support system.
Our team will work with loved ones to ensure the patient has the support they need to find success. Do you have questions about our whole patient approach for you or your loved one? Call us for a free consultation and start the process today.

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