Opiate Addiction

Human Connection Makes A Difference

For those of you who are seeking treatment for your family members or yourselves, one thing to consider is the human connection. Patients are the most successful when they have a support system — doctors, family, friends, and counselors — to help them follow their unique treatment plan, and help them when they experience a setback. Medication-Assisted Treatment isn’t just…

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Understanding Addiction

Addiction can be baffling and requires a custom approach to overcome. These days, a lot of people are struggling with chronic pain and opiate addiction. Triggers For an addict, many environmental triggers can make escaping addiction especially difficult. Everyday stressors and environmental cues can lead to a cycle of addiction that becomes hard to escape. Luckily medication-assisted treatment can help…

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How we battle opiate addiction?

Opiate addiction is an epidemic.  Even the strongest among us still experience withdrawals, cravings, and hopelessness that can become pervasive in our lives. Luckily, medication-assisted rehabilitation is available and can lessen the withdrawals. What do we do? We are a dedicated team of professionals who are well trained in the field of helping people cope with addiction issues. We have…

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