Opiate Addiction Help is Just Around the Corner

New Start Clinics​​ is North Central Washington’s preferred opiate treatment clinic.  We have the knowledge and expertise to get your life back on track.​


(509) 587-0105

About Our Clinic

New Start Clinics is an outpatient addiction medicine clinic.  We use the “medication assisted treatment” method (Suboxone) to minimize withdrawal symptoms.  Our holistic approach involves collaborating with the patient’s primary care provider. 

Eric Haeger, MD, Medical Director

Dr. Eric Haeger is a physician and Medical Director of New Start Clinics. He obtained his BS in Biology at College Place, WA. He graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine, Loma Linda, CA with an MD. He completed his residency in Family Medicine at Highland Hospital in Rochester, NY. Dr. Haeger is also the Medical Director of Central Washington Sleep Diagnostic Center, where he is Board Certified in Family Medicine and Sleep Medicine.  In his spare time, Dr. Haeger enjoys water skiing, mountain biking, playing ice hockey and spending time with his family.

“We create a unique program for every patient that goes beyond typical treatment methods.”​
-Dr.  Eric Haeger

How We’re Different

  • Special program (much like that of a medical specialist) that treats substance addiction.
  • We collaborate with patients’ other medical providers, counselors, family and support system.
  • Strict follow-up program ensuring the best possible outcome for the patient. Studies have shown this model of care carries a success rate of over 40%, compared to the national rate of 2%.
  • Providers have special training and over 18 years experience in addiction medicine.

What you can do now to help yourself or a family member?

Treating opiate addiction requires support by a professionally trained medical provider as well as family member support.  Often, family is the key.  It’s an uncomfortable first step, but we will help you along the way.  If you or a loved one are addicted to opiates and have struggled to find a solution, the first thing to do is call (509) 587-0105 and begin a free conversation with a knowledgeable staff member.